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  1. themadpsychologist

    Aw, nuts.

    I see two possible outcomes:
    The relic has shattered. Dank and Bog now race the elves in a quest to find and assemble the shards.
    The relic has been completely destroyed. Dank is now a fugitive for his life from the mob (and also from the elves).

    I’m probably missing whatever will actually happen. At least the explosion probably got rid of those scouts chasing them. They can’t last long in the air with shredded wings like that.

    • Those would both be pretty interesting to explore. But the story will go another way!

      The elves don’t pop up much more in this story, but right now I’m working on another story set in the same universe, set soon after the events in this one. We will briefly meet an elf character and find out what the fallout was for their city and way of life. I’ll start posting that story later this year!

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