me pic 2The hero in Sneaky Goblins is Dank: an underachieving and risk-averse assassin making his way in the world. His first job out of school is to steal a sacred relic from the elf city. The mob boss, Boris is a little… unpredictable. Even if Dank succeeds, will he survive meeting Boris again?

Written and drawn by me, Rene Pfitzner.

I was a character animator at Disney and a storyboard artist at Southern Star, and have contributed to different comic anthologies and websites. My sketchbooks are full of characters from fantasy genres: orcs, goblins, elves, humans in medieval garb. So I thought: why not make comics about them? 

The name of my site: Tolcraft, brings together the 2 great pillars of modern culture: Tolkien and Warcraft, and encapsulates my love for high fantasy adventure mayhem!

People, this isn’t just about Sneaky Goblins: I plan to make several different series of comic books, each a contained story in it’s own right. and post them all here on the site! If you’d like to keep up-to-date about my plans and developments, sign up to the email newsletter. Cheers!

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