Hi and welcome to the comic! So, how did I get started on this goblin comics shtick?


Some history…

I’m not one of those people who can trace their love of fantasy books and table-top games back to their DNA: “Yes, I remember as a baby sitting on the kitchen table while my parents played D&D all night with their friends.” In fact the closest I get to was reading the Narnia books and The Hobbit as a teenager. But it’s not like I got obsessed with it or anything.

I read each of the LOTR books before the Peter Jackson films were released, and read them again a few years later.




RPG games? I played some on my Amiga 500 and the 386 PC, but not very seriously. Tried reading Feist’s Magician a couple of times but I just couldn’t get into it.


World of Warcraft

So what finally got me into the fantasy genre? World of Warcraft. I was late to the game- I’d sworn off computer games successfully for years but finally gave in. I had heard about this enormously popular game and was curious to see how it worked- how did it get so many people interacting in one place?

So I gave it a try and was hooked for the next 4 years. So there was that downside, but I came to appreciate the art involved in making the games. It turns out there’s a whole industry of artists doing concept work, character design, character modelling, texture maps, animation and so on.

I love the story of how Blizzard began. It sounds so wholesome: just a bunch of guys making games they love, sharing their enthusiasm for D&D, drawing bad metal-inspired orcs and barbarians, working themselves to death, chained to the computer to make deadlines. Well, maybe not so wholesome.

I read a couple of the Warcraft books and checked out the comic. I was taken in by the world they had created. For around the first 15 issues the comic had a real Capcom feel- the bickering, the combat, drawing style (especially the knuckles).

I got hooked on exploring the zones in the game and finding out about the different races. I soon had at least one toon of every race and class. I still get feelings of nostalgia when I go back to the Night Elf starting zones.

Maybe you were expecting me to say that I started as a goblin character? I did make a Goblin character eventually. I guess by the time I got to levelling him up the idea of so many characters in the game was starting to wear thin!



(My first WoW toon: Rodrigez the Night Elf)


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